Our mission at Hope for Harvest is to assist, encourage and educate the underserved and homeless youth throughout the Charlotte community. We envision a world where youth will thrive through environments and services that will inspire, uplift and motivate them. Hope for Harvest provides our youth with access to after school programs, tutorial services, nutritional guidance and performing arts programming.


Empowered by Community Outreach Christian Ministries (COCM) which has roots expanding over 40 years in North Carolina, Hope For Harvest has served as a beacon of community advancement. Hope For Harvest uses cultural influences and charitable resources to make accessible necessary living items for Charlotte’s under served youth, while providing an escape through music, dance and life development training. Hope For Harvest began its start as a week-long fundraiser as an effort to fund and continue the services provided by Community Outreach Christian Ministries & The Harvest Kitchen after the passing of our Chairman’s mother, Pastor Barbara Brewton whom founded COCM.

She was humbly responsible for feeding over 100,000 families throughout the city of Charlotte, embarking an incredible trail of Hope that still lives on today. We have recently dedicated a youth center (The Barbara Brewton Hope For Harvest Youth Center) that provides free services including: After School Programs, Tutorial Services, Nutritional Guidance and Performing Arts Programs for the community.