Pastor Anthony Murray | Advisory Board/Council Member



Anthony Murray is building a 3D-Church, one that is multi generational, multi-cultural, and futuristic. The 3D-Church is relevant to the times and activities going on the world today.

“Today’s generation crosses racial lines, age, class and sexual orientation. God’s Word is for everyone. God is pouring His spirit on all people… I believe God has called me to a generation of people who are not weak-minded Christians but Christians with a take-over mentality‚Ķ We have one Great Commission which is to win souls and make disciples of Jesus Christ. “–Anthony Murray

While a Youth Pastor God called him to create Club VFL, one of the fastest growing and largest youth ministries in Atlanta GA. In 2006, he and his wife Christina started Oasis Family Life Church. He now oversees one of the fastest growing churches in Paulding County Ga.

Anthony Murray has a philanthropist’s spirit. He trusts in the good works of charities and considers giving with one’s finances, gifts, time and talents, the most effective avenue of proving our belief and trust in God. He supports both local and global organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, March of Dimes, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Compassion International and more. His philosophy is “God is into People who are into People”

Anthony Murray, wife Christina Murray, and their two daughters, currently reside in the Metro Atlanta Area.